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Helping the blind 'see' the solar eclipse

PRI's The World, August 11, 2017

“It sounds like the beginning of a riddle. How can someone who’s blind “see” the upcoming eclipse on Aug. 21? It’s a question solar astrophysicist Henry “Trae” Winter started thinking about several months ago after a blind colleague asked him to describe what an eclipse was like. “I was caught completely flat-footed,” Winter said. “I had no idea how to communicate what goes on during an eclipse to someone who has never seen before in their entire life.”

Newly Playful, by Design

New York Times, December, 2014

“The show’s largest piece, a sculptural environment by the contemporary Mexican artist Damián Ortega, is more poetic than practical… And right behind it you see even more violent eruptions in video images of the sun streamed live from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Together, they’re the museum’s single most spectacular sight…”